• The world isshifting to Machine Learning
  • every process todiscover real value from data
  • Why Machine Learning?It’s intelligent
  • Meets the User’sVarious Functional Needs
  • End-to-End Seamless Process throughan Intuitive UX & Automated Functionalities


"DAVinCI LABS" - AI based data analytics system
AI (Artificial Intelligence) is no longer a technology that exists only in movies.
DAVinCI LABS - an AI designed specially for enterprise value creation - will assist you in complex data analysis.
Through DAVinCI LABS, you can have AI that you need for your business innovation.
If you have any questions about the price of the license or the enterprise demo version in which uploading your own data is possible, please send us an email at contact@ailys.ai.


UX that navigates like a data analyst.
AI engine proven with excellent results.

Discovering hidden patterns inside diverse datasets requires sophisticated data pre-processing and analytics technology

In DAVinCI LABS, we have bundled years of research and know-how gained from enterprise projects by our world-class machine learning scientists

A factory image to depict DAVinCI LABS processes
  1. Data Upload
    1. Extract structured data from the internal and external datasources
    2. Assign primary key for collecting and merging data
    3. The target variable along with its respective variables for each PK must have been defined
  2. Data Preprocessing
    1. Convert data into numeric format that machine learning can recognize
    2. Smart data preprocessing by automatically detecting missing values
    3. Basic statistical analysis and baseline fitting
  3. Training Models
    1. Parameter optimization for machine learning algorithms
    2. Rich library of state-of-the-art algorithms including Deep Learning & GBM
    3. Automatic selection of the champion algorithm to maximize performance
    4. Developing outstanding models with just a few clicks
    5. Automatic cluster analysis feature
    6. Automatic grading system by each model
  4. Prediction Model & Reporting
    1. Automatic report creation for comparing models
    2. Evaluate individual prediction and statistical analysis in Excel file
    3. List of all fields’ weights with respect to the target
    4. Evaluate the developed model using a new dataset
    5. Download the prediction function as a JAVA library for real-time operation
Keep prediction models up-to-date with DAVinCI LABS's instant retraining feature
  1. AI will learn from new incoming data and reflect it in the re-trained model
  2. Updated prediction function will be automatically produced for easy system integration & real-time operation

PHASE 1Prediction model generation via Machine LearningTraining models based on past data

Client DB (Big Data)

Finance, commerce, manufacturing, medical, etc.

Model training & analysis

Data pre-processing &pattern recognition

Prediction function(scoring model) generation

prediction function

Mount prediction functionon existing system

mounting prediction function

PHASE 2Operate & update prediction functionCompute prediction for new data / algorithm retraining

Accumulation ofnew incoming data

phase1 image1

Real-time operation ofprediction function

prediction function

Apply predictions to business strategies

Credit scoring,Churn/fraud/defect detection,Target marketingresponsiveness prediction

Algorithm retraining &prediction function update


Use Case



Experts in machine learning, data science, and business managementfrom around the globe have gathered here at ailys.



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If you have any questions about the price of the license or the enterprise demo version in which uploading your own data is possible, please send us an email at contact@ailys.ai.
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